Beauty feeds the soul. Here, we are continually energized, motivated, and inspired by beauty and exceptional design. We collect and share our ideas in the belief that beauty is a natural expression of creative thinking.


At Shibui Knits, we’re a little obsessed. Our greatest satisfaction comes from designing truly impeccable yarns and garments. From the choice of materials to the tiniest details, we’re focused on innovation and total mastery of our craft.


We value the contribution of all of our friends in the Shibui community – from the mills that spin our yarns, to the designers who create with our products, to our retail partners and the knitters who create beautiful Shibui garments every day.


We believe that everyone has a thread in the Shibui story. We invite all knitters to experience creating garments of refined beauty. From our simplest inspirations to those that mix sophisticated concepts and techniques, there is a pattern here you can be part of.


As our founder likes to say, “If we’re not having fun, what’s the point?” We really enjoy what we do, and you’ll hear us laugh every day, always looking for ways to weave joy into the moment. After all, at the end of the day, we know it’s just yarn. Not the end of the world.