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The Friends of Shibui Program allows us to spotlight designers with a distinctive style sensibility who are working with Shibui Knits yarns. Current Friends of Shibui include Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, Julie Hoover, Kirsten Johnstone, Lori Versaci, Julie Weisenberger and Jennifer Wood. A selection of their most recent designs using Shibui Knits yarns are included on this page. If you are a designer interested in participating in this program, please fill out our form below

Woodhouse Knits

Jennifer Wood began Wood House Knits in 2009. Her designs unite classic and modern styling with beautifully detailed patterns for a contemporary romantic feel. Most are created with top down construction that is easily adjustable, making them wearable and elegant. For Jennifer, designing knitwear is a wonderful adventure, allowing her to express her creative impulses and drawing her closer to the Creator of all. The creative process—watching and feeling abstract ideas take on a tangible form—continues to amaze her. 


Anne Ginger

Anne Ginger learned to knit at an early age. She was taught by her mother as a way to keep herself occupied, and a passion was born. She worked for many years as a seamstress and enjoys bringing a tailoring approach to her designs. Clean, modern lines with architectural styling are hallmarks of her work. She utilizes subtle plays of texture from stitch patterns or yarn combinations to create interest. Inspired by her own lifestyle, she creates pieces designed for wearability. Anne is lucky to work with her husband and enjoys living on the western coast of the US. 


Melanie Berg

Melanie Berg combines texture and color into wearable modern designs that are both playful and beautiful. She designs to surprise — from matching cheeky stripes with elegant lace, to choosing unexpected color combinations. Melanie loves to collaborate with other creative types around the world, and her patterns have been published by yarn companies and knitting magazines large and small.

Melanie lives with her husband and three children in Bonn, Germany, where she finds inspiration in the landscape, history, and culture. Visit her online at:



Julie Weisenberger learned to knit and completed her first sweater in college, while studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria. She has been knitting and designing ever since.  In the 1980s she ran her own knitwear company; in the 1990s she designed sweaters for yarn companies and magazines; and in 2007 she founded, her own pattern and tool company. Over the years she has developed and perfected a unique top-down, seamless method of sweater-knitting, which she calls the Cocoknits Method, as well as a line of tools that make the process of knitting easier and more beautiful. For the past decade Weisenberger has been teaching Cocoknits Method classes as well as classes on how to choose and wear flattering knitwear styles based on body proportions throughout the United States and in Europe. She lives in Oakland, California.



Kirsten Johnstone is an Architect based in Melbourne, Australia who uses the mediums of built form and interior space to create refined designs. She also uses yarn, fabric and photography to explore her modern aesthetic on a smaller scale.She has an eye for flattering forms that are deceptively simple yet frequently transformable, designs with a distinctive urban edge yet elegantly wearable.


Churchmouse Yarns & Teas

Since opening their doors in 2000, the folks at Churchmouse Yarns & Teas have been sourcing beautiful yarns to create wearable projects. In 2009, they released their first set of published patterns and, by request, began wholesaling them to other yarn shops. Today, nearly 700 resellers use Churchmouse patterns to inspire and encourage their knitters and crocheters.

Recently, Shibui Knits yarns have been appearing in the new Churchmouse patterns. And countless projects from previous releases have been re-yarned in Shibui Knits fibers with inspiring results.

On a recent visit with us, the Churchmouse designers shared why they love to work with Shibui Knits yarns: “Our designs tend to be simple and easy-going so the yarn needs to be really special. With Shibui Knits, the fibers are refined and beautifully spun, and we adore the color palette – perfect for our understated Northwest mood.”


Julie Hoover

Recognized for her minimal aesthetic and attention to fine detail, Julie focuses on designing knitwear that is simultaneously causal and elegant—a signature style that has developed over the years in her work as a visual merchandiser, art director and freelance designer. Her passion for knitting began in 2008, and quickly led her down the path of focusing entirely on knitwear design (finally finding the perfect niche for her BA in Clothing & Textiles). Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Julie spends her time designing as part of the in-house design team for Brooklyn Tweed and her own independent label. Visit her online:




Lori Versaci is the independent knitwear designer behind VERSACIKNITS. Based in New Jersey and Maine, Lori has been publishing innovative patterns since 2009. Find out more about Lori’s designs on her website.


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